5 Leopard Ramshorn Snails

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5 Leopard Ramshorn snails 

These snails range in size from 1-3 centimeters, they will only get about the size of a dime.


Size will vary, they will range from small to medium. The larger the snail, the older it is and less life it has left to live, so we mainly try to send small to medium sized snails so they have lots of life ahead of them. Ramshorn snails are on the smaller side and only get 1-3cm. 


- Ramshorn snails make a great cleanup crew for aquariums and help with Algae

- They will NOT eat your live plants 

- Ramshorn snails are detritivores meaning they eat dead plant and animal matter, fish waste, etc. so they are excellent for cleaning and maintaining your aquarium. 

Ramshorn snails Reproduce easily in freshwater aquariums. They make a great cleanup crew or live food source colony for puffers/etc. If you want to slow reproduction down, limit their food source, feed less, keep the tank clean so there's no leftover waste for them to eat resulting in them not reproducing as much.

Sometimes snails will take a few hours to even a day or so after being put into the aquarium before they liven up and start exploring their new home so please keep that in mind. 


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