Cichlid Plant Pack

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These are some of the few plants that are cichlid safe. The plants and their sub species are known to be safe in aquarium with cichlids since they either taste bad or are very tough/hardy plants that the cichlids can't destroy or eat. The care for these plants is thankfully very easy, fertilizer isn't necessary, but it does help. Strong lighting isn't necessary, these plants can grow in low/decent lighting so they are pretty bullet proof for the most part. Anubias and java fern you want to attach to something like a rock or drift wood instead of burying them. With any kind of Val plant, you definitley want to plant them. 


Val plants 

Java fern 

This Cichlid plant pack includes a few plants from each of these categories, the plants that are included in this plant pack are below:  

Anubias coffeefolia x2

Anubias Barteri Round Leaf x1

Anubias Nana Petite x1

Java Fern x1

Contortion Val x6

Cork screw val x6