Giant Duckweed (Spirodela Polyrhiza)

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You will get 1 portion (10) of Giant Duckweed AKA Spirodela Polyrhiza

Giant Duckweed Care Info

  • Care: easy
  • Co2: no 
  • Growth rate: fast 
  • Placement: floating 
  • Lighting requirements:  medium
  • Color: green/yellow
  • Max size: always expanding 
  • Propagation: these plants replicate by forming new leaves and then split apart on their own

Unlike the annoying tiny duckweed, this is the bigger brother called giant duckweed (Spirodela Polyrhiza). It’s an easy to grow floating plant without the hassle of tiny pieces so if you want to thin it out, the pieces are much easier to grab! These are fast growing floating plants great for providing cover in the aquarium, helping to filter the water, and provide hiding places for baby fish fry or shrimp. This plant, like all plants, grows best with fertilizer and lighting around 6500k. This plant can be grown without co2, fertilizer is recommended but can still be easily grown without. Floating plants grow best with minimal water movement. 



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