Marsilea Hirsuta (Dwarf Four Leaf Clover)

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1 Marsilea Hirsuta Pot 

AKA Dwarf Four Leaf Clover

The Marsilea Hirsuta clover leaves will turn yellow/brown as they transition to aquatic growth so it is common for the pots to have several yellow leaves since we try to start the transition process somewhat. These plants are excellent short growing low maintenance carpet plants! When grown emersed they will have clover like leaves that will change to single node shorter leaves once underwater, the transition is not bad, minimal melt back, old clover leaves will melt some and shrink to single node aquatic leaves. These are one of a few shorter growing carpet plants that do not require co2 in order to thrive.

  • Care level: Moderate
  • Co2: not requites but helps  
  • Growth rate: Fast 
  • Placement: Foreground 
  • Lighting requirements: Moderate
  • Color: green
  • Max size: Short carpeting plant
  • Propagation: cuttings

Marsilea Hirsuta is a fast growing foreground plant. This plant, like all plants, grows best with fertilizer and lighting around 6500k. This plant can grow without co2 but growth is not quite as fast. Fertilizer is recommended, checkout our easy to use all in one liquid fertilizer Here



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