Pink Ramshorn Snail 5 Pack

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5 Pink Ramshorn snails 

These snails range in size from 1-3 centimeters, they will only get about the size of a dime.

These snails are extremely healthy and active. The shells may have minor calcification or shell damage but are extremely lively and healthy.
Ramshorn snails have a variety of colors from blue, brown, white (ish) and Pink  

The 5 pack is for 5 random Pink Ramshorn snails. Sometimes we will send smaller snails as larger snails will not have as much life left in them. 

Sometimes snails will take a few hours to even a day or so after being put into the tank before they liven up and start exploring so keep that in mind 

Unlike mystery snails, these snails will breed and lay eggs underwater in the tank so you will have babies over time

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