Suction Cup Plant Pot with 2 Suction Cup for Fish Tank (2 Pack)

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Brand: Tfwadmx

Color: Clear


  • ✔GLASS AQUATIC PLANT CUP: The Crystal Glass Aquatic Plant Cup is Made of Crystal Glass Material, Smooth Surface, Perfect Decoration Supplies for Aquarium Tank. Pot bottom with permeable holes, comes with 4 suction cups.
  • ✔POWERFUL SUCTION CUP: This Product is Designed with 2 Sturdily Attached Suction Cups, Easy Moving and Hang Tightly on the Fish Aquarium;With Permeable Holes on the Bottom,Keep the Water Always be Fresh.
  • ✔PERFECT FOR FRESHWATER & SALTWATER: Size - 2" X 2.4" X 2.8", Great Fit for aquariums decoration, look elegant, planted tanks. Aquatic plant cup is suitable for Breeding Aquatic Plant, Anubias Barteri.
  • ✔ADD A NATURAL FEELING: Our glass live plant cup is perfect. Your fish like to swim into them and check it out ,an adorable addition to your fish tank. Planted plants is great decoration for tanks. Add a natural feeling and appearance to your tedious aquarium.
  • ✔HIDDEN HABITAT FOR FISH: Offer your fishes a dream land to swim and hide ,help them feel safe and also increase human visual interest.

Publisher: TFWADMX

Details: Product Details:

Material: high quality crystal glass

Dimension:2" X 2.4" X 2.8"

Pot bottom with permeable holes

Comes with 2 durable suction cups for each plant pot.

Package Included: 2 x Glass Aquatic Plant Pot 4 x suction cups .

Note: This product is sold only with plant glass cup pot and two powerful suction cups,not include water sludge and landscape plants.

UPC: 713482192315

EAN: 713482192315

Package Dimensions: 7.4 x 3.9 x 2.8 inches