When will my plants/order ship? 

My goal is to get your order to you as fast as possible and in the best condition possible. That being said, things still happen, sometimes there are delays that are out of my control, but regardless, my priority is fast shipping and getting your order to you in excellent condition!


Return policy

We desire to have a happy customer, in the rare event that an item shows up damaged, contact us and let me know what happened along with photos of the items that were damaged within a reasonable amount of time after delivery. 


Is the fertilizer shrimp & fish safe?

My fertilizer is 100% fish, snail, and shrimp safe! I use the fertilizer in all my own personal tanks and I have way overdosed the recommended amount to be sure. 


Best lights to grow plants?

There are lots of awesome lights you can use to grow plants. The kind of light you want to go for is a 6500k full spectrum light. Personally, I use 6500k LED flood lights from amazon on all of my tanks at home and the plants go crazy for it! They are super bright and only about $20 on amazon. Of course there is more that goes into growing plants than just lights, but the lighting you use plays a big role. 


How do I get rid of algae?

I have a very helpful blog post about how to get rid of algae in the planted aquarium if you go to the home page and scroll down to the bottom you can see them. 


Do your plants have snails?  

 When I get plants ready to ship, I remove any visible snails or any other unwanted pests, but I do not have a snail free guarantee however since snails can sneaks their way onto just about any surface easily. If you'd like to be certain your plants are snail free, create a 1:20 bleach to water solution and dip your plants in them to kill off any unwanted snails.