When will my order ship?

Our goal is to get your order to you as fast as possible and in the best condition possible. We ship out most days of the week. Our usual processing time is 3-6 business days excluding holidays and extreme weather circumstances.  

If you have a specific timeline please email us and we can usually bump your order up to ship same or next day depending on what you ordered provided you let us know in a reasonable amount of time.

As we continue to grow and innovate, that time decreases. That being said, things still happen, sometimes there are delays that are out of our control, but regardless, our priority is fast shipping and getting your order to you in excellent condition! If there is severe weather, or a holiday where USPS is not open we will sometimes hold packages to ensure the safe arrival of the plants. Most packages are sent USPS Priority mail and UPS ground.  


Do your plants have snails/pests?

Yes. However, snails are harmless and beneficial to aquariums by cleaning up leftover food, fish waste, dead plant water, algae, and more. All plants have the potential of having snails unless they are tissue culture plants.

When we get plants ready to ship, we remove any visible snails or any other unwanted pests, but we do not have a snail free guarantee since snails can sneaks their way onto surfaces easily.   

If you wish to avoid any potential snails, create an alum solution. It's used at 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. So, get a bucket and put one gallon of water in it and add 1 table spoon to it. If you need a bigger bucket follow the same math, 1 tablespoon of alum per 1 gallon of water that you use. Mix the solution in the bucket and Leave the plants in it for 1 day or so and then rinse them off well and put them in your aquarium. This will help kill any potential hitch hikers like snails.



While we do allow cancellations/changes in orders, it is at the discretion of MFT (marcus fish tanks). If an order has already been packed or shipped, it is too late to cancel or change the order. We do allow returns on non perishable items, buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. Once the items are received back in their same new condition a refund will be issued minus the cost of shipping. Perishable items like plants and livestock cannot be returned. 


Multiple discount codes?

You cannot use multiple discount codes together.


Is the fertilizer shrimp & fish safe?

Our fertilizer is 100% fish, snail, and shrimp safe! We use the fertilizer in all our tanks. It has been tests and used thousands of times tested to be safe. 


Best lights to grow plants?

There are lots of awesome lights you can use to grow plants. The kind of light you want to go for is a 6500k full spectrum light. We like to use 6000k LED flood lights from amazon on all of our tanks and the plants go crazy for it! They are super bright and only about $20 on amazon. Of course there is more that goes into growing plants than just lights, but the lighting you use plays a big role. 


How do I get rid of algae?

We have a very helpful blog post about how to get rid of algae in the planted aquarium  if you go to the home page and scroll down to the bottom you can see them. 



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