Awesome hardy background plant Crinum Calamastratum!

Looking for an easy & hardy plant?

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Tank Inspiration

Check out some pretty planted tanks to get ideas for your next aquascape adventure! 

Plant Ideas

Crypt wendtii plants have LOTS of different colors, and the best thing about crypts is they are super easy to grow! 

Stocking Possibilities

From shrimp to fish to even aquatic frogs, there are lots of neat different creatures that can live in your tank! Just make sure they are all compatible :)

Customer Testimonials

Dude, you're doing good stuff at better prices than anyone else and have a ton of knowledge. I only recommend you because I've had better luck with your plants than any store and for way less.

John B.

The fertilizer is super cheap and works WONDERS

Tyler R.

Thank you for the AMAZING plants, I absolutely love them! Appreciate your help with everything. Best plants I've ever purchased. Highly recommend him!

Alli P.

The fertilizer is great stuff, I have to trim once a week on some of my plants

Rey S.

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