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Still the BEST Place to buy online

bought some Amazon Swords and they all came unhealthy. i immediately emailed Marcus with a picture of the plants i recieved. he immediately replaced my order with no further questions asked. i then received a new batch of my order, and they finally came healthy. i'm always thankful to purchase all my plants here. legit and a wonderful person to do transactions. most recommended place to buy your aquarium and aquascaping needs.

Red Flame Sword
Bennett Oberlander
Large plant

Good size plant, very healthy and great color. Going to be a great background plant in my 20L, looking forward to getting some runners to put in my 55.

Christmas Moss On Lava Rock
Bennett Oberlander
Staying green

In the tank for about two weeks now, still green and going strong. The rock is about 2.5"x1"x1". Mine was well covered, looked like the one in the second picture.


Ordered one, got two, I guess the one was looking a little rough. The good one already has three or four leaves; the bad one actually broke into two pieces (the bulb portion and a root portion). I threw both in my sump for giggles, and now they are both sprouting! Three for one!


All the plants in my order are doing great. Not really a plant guy, so whatever kind of mystery crypto this is, it’s still a mystery to me. The portions were great for the price, order processing took about 7-10 days, but shipped quickly once it was picked. Definitely the place to get plants for a beginner.

Wow, my beautiful Centerpiece

I bought Crinum Calamistratum four months ago and it has done fantastic. For a slow grower, it has grown very well for me. I use root tabs because my substrate is plain, small gravel. It is truly the centerpiece of my 20 gallon tank. I wouldn't advise a tank smaller than 20 gallons because the leaves get real long. Marcus is a wonderful seller that I've bought from many times. SO.... happy with this plant.

Beautiful ferns!

My Java Fern arrived in perfect condition - healthy & pest free! The leaves are tall, so I used them as a background plant in my aquarium! Highly recommend Marcus Fish Tanks!

Excellent Tiger Lotus!

These came with a few leaves (sprouted like the description) and absolutely exploded with growth within a week!
I am beyond pleased and I can't believe I've never owned this plant before.

This seller is one of my favorites for healthy plants and I only go elsewhere when they are out of stock.


Plants always show up amazing and in great shape! Wish the pot was more mature, but it was perfect for mr project! Ordered With Red and Bronze


Plants always show up amazing and in great shape! Wish the pot was more mature, but it was perfect for mr project! Ordered With Red and Bronze

Lush & Green

Arrived in beautiful lush dark green shape. Healthy, Dense & full. Bob our goldfish was really pleased! Ordering more !!

Cute plants!

Very cute little plants! Another order that was packed really well and arrived super healthy. One of my favorite businesses to order live plants from.

Big healthy bunch !

Another great purchase from MFT! Great color and fluffy leaves that shrimp and fry love. My stems were 20+ inches with long roots so instant background. Also, I got zero melt on this one.

Crinum Calamistratum
Natalie Duncan
Best Crinums hands down

So Marcus Fish Tanks has TOP quality Crinums. This is my FAVORITE aquarium plant in the world and my fancy goldfish don’t destroy it! I have ordered a few from here for some of my tanks and they are thriving! Will definitely be buying more for my rainbow fish tank. These plants are gorgeous.

Arrived healthy and vibrant

This arrived in perfect condition and it was very easy to plant.

Arrived healthy

Arrived healthy now let’s hope I can keep it that way.

So far so good

It’s been 30 hours and all is good so far. The plants arrived in excellent health.


It's a really gorgeous piece of buce, and I couldn't be more satisfied with it. I can't wait to attach it to the driftwood I received today too!

Beautiful piece !

I received a gorgeous piece of wood, the price also can't be beat as compared to other sellers. Highly recommend!!

!! So much

I received a really beautiful large portion of it, I'm so excited to see how it'll do in my tanks.

Always awesome

These are great little crypts the roots are long and pristine and the leaves are healthy. Super clean, healthy plants that have minimal melt. I love the All in One fertilizer from Marcus as well. Great place with great prices!

Buy it! Awesome plant!

A long while back I bought 2 bulbs from Marcus. From these bulbs I’ve grown about 30 plants. I just did a big trim because the leaves were covering the surface of my aquarium and blocking light to the rest of the plants. I took out about 30 leaves with stems about 3 feet long that stretched across my entire 75 gallon tank. The color is magnificent! I have them in a low tech over stocked 75 gallon and a 7 gallon. I use SeaChem liquid fertilizer. I just put the bulb in and it started sprouting baby plantlets. Sadly, I don’t anticipate ever having to buy more of this plant because it is so prolific. Thanks for beautiful healthy plants!!

Just like picture

Plants came in vibrant green and look just like their pictures, very happy with my purchase that I ordered again, amazing prices! Love love! Definitely recommend Marcusfishtanks.

The only fert you need!

I have been using Marcus' All in One for a few weeks now and have noticed improved health and growth on all my plants, even the emergent terrestrial plants have developed more roots since I began dosing! Thanks Marcus!

Olive Nerite Snails
Jonathan White
The snails are perfect

Snails were received alive and well they are so cute! they really do help keep the tank clean.



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