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Christmas moss

I purchased Christmas moss on a lava rock. It arrived happy and healthy. I’m a satisfied customer.

Griffin turtle plant assortment


first 3 cups were nice but 3 cups second were bad

Huge, fish and shrimp love it!

The hole in the middle is perfectly big. My peacock gudgeons and amano shrimp take turns who is going to "hang out" in there. A+

arrived in great condition

Excellent quality.

Dwarf Sagittaria Subulata
Peter Marcolina
Great plants as always!

Ordered 15x bundles for a total of 75 plants and they all came healthy and green!

Anubias Nana Petite
Diane Harrington
Anubis’s Nans Petite

This plant arrived healthy and continues to do well after 19 days.

Great plants!

Great plants and very reasonable prices and shipping. I also love the website because not only does it show what the plants look like, but there are also recommendations for plant placement, how to plant, and other information. I must have purchased more than a dozen plants, and every plant arrived healthy/ The packing on everything was placed with care. I will be ordering again that is for sure!


Thankyou so much for the plants they all are alive and thriving all three bulbs. The lotus came with flowers attached to the bulb so i knew they weren't duds. One flower came off the bulb and i replanted it and it is also pushing out new leaves. Im very happy with the purchase. They came bug free. The ordering process would be my only complaint.

No heat pack

I paid for a heat pack but did not get it. The plants were packed very well but arrived in rough shape. A few may bounce back but it’s very disappointing and a big mess.

Great plants!

As always, all of my plants came healthy and green and have been doing great since transplanting!

Looks great!

A great addition to my plant tank, excellent quality. I hope to get another soon.

If you count out the 50 plants for the 50 plant combo pack, the amount of plants for the "Griffin Turtle Plant Assortment" comes to only 12 plants. If the plant assortment are for the background plants that may make sense ( for example 2 Amazon Plant was over 6" ) I count the duckweed as 3 plants due to 3 bags.

Better than I expected

Healthy and good size able to get 15 plants out of 10

Quite satisfied

I’m a novice to aquariums. It would have been nice if the plants were labeled with their names. After having the plants 14 days all are doing well except one. I have been very pleased with the service and support I’ve received. The 10 pack was just right for my 10 gallon aquarium.

Anubias Nana Petite
Cynthia White

All plants arrived beautiful. Planted them and , so far, so good. Will definitely purchase again.

Marimo Moss Ball Large
Patricia Harrington

Marimo Moss Ball Large

Great transaction

AWESOME product, and prices were great. Shipping was quick . Great experience with Marcus fish tanks

Doing Well with Virtually No Melt

Shipped on Tuesday. Arrived on Monday. Looked good. Planted some, floated some. Three weeks later, looking great, growing, and almost no melt. Also, Marcus replied to my email promptly and with helpful information for this new aquarium keeper! Can't ask for anything else.

Christmas moss

Great portion, lots of green and covered my wood and my rock the way I envisioned! Thank you so much!

Green Cabomba Carolina

Very pretty

The plant is doing quite well, but it takes up a lot of space in my tank. Overall a good purchase!

Crinum Thaianum
Connor Koval
Marcus Sends The Fatties

As always I always receive top plants with no issues and I love this store. This is the plug!!!

Best plants

Received these plants healthy , good roots , and no melt back at all. I will always order my plants from Marcus Fish Tanks and highly recommend them to everyone looking to order plants online.

Goldfish approved!

My mom bought us this duckweed from Marcus fish tanks and I am so happy she did. It was sooo delicious plump and juicy but I'm afraid she needs to buy more cause ah yes I'm a foodie and its all gone. Mom also put half in another tank so it would shade her new kids the Glass Cats. They love it as well. AAA+++ Highly recommend for other Goldies



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