5 Dwarf Sagittaria Subulata

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5 Dwarf Sag Plants

Dwarf sag (Sagittaria subulata) is a commonly available, hardy aquatic plant that is great for beginners. Dwarf Sagittaria are the perfect easy to grow carpet plants. These plants may initially melt back some, they just need time to grow and establish in your tank. These little plants are excellent easy to grow carpet plants that spread like crazy! Keep in mind, if you want plants to grow tight and low along the bottom (like a carpet) then you want to provide good lighting. In general, the stronger the light, the more bushy/compact plants will grow since they aren’t having to struggle in order to reach the light. 

  • Care: Easy 
  • Co2: No
  • Growth rate: Fast 
  • Placement: Foreground 
  • Lighting requirements: Moderate 
  • Color: green
  • Max size: 2-6 inches depending on lighting
  • Propagation: runners
  • Recommended Fertilizer: Nutrient rich root tabs 

The optimal way to fertilize Dwarf Sag is with root tabs. Liquid fertilizer works as well but isn’t as effective as root tabs since these plants feed more at their roots. You can place a root tab directly beneath the plant and the roots will soak up nutrients from the root tablet. Click Here to Checkout our Root Tabs, your plants will thank you! 

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