Crinum Thaianum

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You will get 1 Crinum Thaianum plant (Thai onion or water onion)

These are excellent LARGE plants! 

Normal size of the plant you will receive ranges from 6-14 inches

These are bulb plants with big gorgeous leaves. We have had to sit on them and grow them out for a while so they are ready to rock now! Crinum Thaianum are hardy plants that grow very tall, we’ve seen some grow 30+ inches before! 

These are somewhat hard to find gorgeous tall growing bulb plants. 

Please keep in mind these are bulb plants so they will be sprouted from a bulb. They need time to be planted and grow out. We got these in a few weeks ago but have been growing them out ourself a little bit first, they are looking nice and ready for new homes!  

  • Care: easy 
  • Co2: no 
  • Growth rate: slow
  • Placement: background 
  • Lighting requirements:  low/medium
  • Color: green
  • Max size: 36 inch +
  • Propagation: new shoots growing off the sides 


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