Crinum Thaianum

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1 Crinum Thaianum (Thai onion or water onion)

These are excellent plants that grow to be large! 

Normal size of the plant you will receive ranges from 4-10 inches depending on what we have at the time and the growing season. Sometimes these plants will be large full grown beasts and sometimes they will be smaller bulbs with leaves that are only a few inches and still have lots of room to grow. 

These are bulb plants with big gorgeous leaves. We have had to sit on them and grow them out for a while so they are ready to rock now! Crinum Thaianum are hardy plants that grow very tall, we’ve seen many grow 30+ inches before! 

These are somewhat hard to find gorgeous tall growing bulb plants. 

Please keep in mind these are bulb plants so they will be sprouted from a bulb. They need time to be planted and grow out. We got these in a few weeks ago but have been growing them out ourself a little bit first, they are looking nice and ready for new homes!  

  • Care: easy 
  • Co2: no 
  • Growth rate: slow
  • Placement: background 
  • Lighting requirements:  low/medium
  • Color: green
  • Max size: 36 inch +
  • Propagation: new shoots growing off the sides 
  • Recommended Fertilizer: Nutrient rich root tabs 

The optimal way to fertilize these Crinum plants is with root tabs. Liquid fertilizer works as well but isn’t quite as effective as root tabs since these plants feed more at their roots. You can place a root tab directly beneath the plant and the roots will soak up nutrients from the root tablet. Click Here to Checkout our Root Tabs, your plants will thank you! 

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