Red Root Floaters

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You will get 15 leaves of Red Root floaters 


  • Care: easy
  • Co2: no 
  • Growth rate: fast 
  • Placement: floating 
  • Lighting requirements:  medium
  • Color: Peach/green/red
  • Max size: always expanding 

Red root floaters are great floating plants! These unique little floaters are a fast growing easy to care for plant. This plant, like all plants, grows best with fertilizer and lighting around 6500k. This plant can be grown without co2, fertilizer is recommended. Grows best with minimal water movement! To produce the best red coloration, strong lighting is needed. Color in plants is due to multiple factors, but largely has to do with lighting. Plants are similar to people, the more you go outside and get exposed to the bright sun, the more your skin will tan, but if you are inside all day and rarely see the sun your skin tone will be lighter. So, with that said if you want to achieve good coloration in your plants, bump the light up to a more intense option. 

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