35 Plant Combo Pack (Easy To Grow)

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35 Plant Combo Pack For Only 89.95 


Our hand pick plant pack assortments are thoughtfully selected by our plant experts in order to provide the best possible combinations of plants.

These are all easy to grow plants that do not require co2. Each plant pack is different and unique, they will contain different plant varieties picked by us each time based on which plants look the best and are thriving. Although you won’t know the exact plants you will receive, you can trust that we will always pick out the best plants possible. We are confident that you will love the plants you receive, it also doesn’t hurt that they are discounted quite a bit. 


The 35 Plant Pack Assortment will contain a nice mix of easy to grow background, midground, and foreground plants. 


Please note: We do not accept requests for substitutions, inclusions or exclusions. Our plane packs are picked out and put together by our plant experts with different plants each time, based on plant availability and at times, seasonality. The plant packs are priced much lower to reflect this. 

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