Anacharis Elodea Egeria Densa

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1 Anacharis Elodea Bundle (Egeria Densa)

Size: 4-6 stems per bundle with each stem being 6-10 inches in length

  • Care: Easy
  • Growth rate: Fast
  • Placement: Background or free floating
  • Lighting requirements: Grows well in both low and high light
  • Color: Green
  • Max size: 15-30+ inches
  • Propagation: Cuttings

An Anacharis Elodea plant is an easy to grow stem plant that has become very popular in the planted aquarium hobby. Aquarists use these easy to grow live aquarium plants to help provide cover for their fish fry and for cold water aquariums. Anacharis Elodea can be a good choice for hobbyists keeping low tech community tanks. Although Anacharis plants have a reputation of being adaptable and easy to grow, keep in mind they will typically melt back a bit and have some yellow leaves initially until they adjust to your fish tank. 

The optimal way to fertilize stem plants like this Anacharis is with liquid fertilizer. Root tabs work as well but aren’t nearly as effective as liquid fertilizer since stem plants feed more from the water column. Checkout liquid fertilizer by clicking Here, your plants will thank you!

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