Buce Brownie Blue

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Bucephalamdra Brownie Blue 

One of our favorite types of buce! This beautiful buce will get a nice blue coloration on the leaves once it has been growing underwater for a while. It will also have some green leaves as well which gives a really nice contrast to the blue coloration. 

Buce are rhizome plants so you want to attach them to a surface rather than planting them in substrate. We super glue them to plant weight or use rock, wood, etc. to attach them. You can also use thread to wrap around the surface you wish to attach the plant to. 

  • Care: Easy 
  • Growth rate: Slow
  • Placement: Foreground 
  • Lighting requirements: Moderate light easy
  • Color: Green & Blue 
  • Propagation: cuttings from the rhizome


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