5 Amazon Frog Bit Limnobium Iaevigatum ✅

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  • You will get 5 amazon frog bit
  • Photo are not the actual products you will receive, but a sample representation.


  • Care: easy
  • Co2: no 
  • Growth rate: fast 
  • Placement: floating 
  • Lighting requirements:  medium
  • Color: green/yellow
  • Max size: always expanding 
  • Propagation: cutting 

Great beginner plant! frog bit is a fast growing floating plant. This plant, like all plants, grows best with fertilizer and lighting around 6500k. This plant can be grown without co2, fertilizer is recommended but not necessary. Floating plants do best when they are grown in an environment with very little water flow, they like still water and grow fastest this way. They are also great filter plant and the roots will grow quite long