Banana Plant Nymphoides Aquatica

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You will get 1 Banana Plant

Size ranges from: 1-3 inches 

Freshwater aquatic banana plants are also known as, Fairy Water Lily, Big Floating Heart, Banana Plant, Aquatic Banana Plant, Freshwater Banana Plant 

  • Care: easy
  • Co2: no 
  • Growth rate: fast 
  • Placement: mid ground, leaves get long 
  • Lighting requirements:  medium
  • Color: green/yellow
  • Max size: always expanding, lily leaves can grow all the way to the top of the tank if the lighting is bright 
  • Recommended Fertilizer: Nutrient Rich Liquid Fertilizer

Aquarium banana plants are a beginner friendly foreground plant that can grow in any aquarium with low water movement. This plant, like all plants, grows best with fertilizer and lighting around 6500k. Aquatic Banana plants can be grown without co2, fertilizer is recommended. 

The optimal way to fertilize these aquatic banana plants is with liquid fertilizer. Root tabs work as well but aren’t nearly as effective as liquid fertilizer since these plants feed more from the water column. Checkout our liquid fertilizer by clicking Here, your plants will thank you!

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