Tiger Lotus Lily Bulb (Nypmhaea Zenkeri)

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You will get 1 Sprouted Tiger lotus bulb (Nypmhaea Zenkeri) 

These are sprouted bulbs, not an entire tiger lotus plant. Lily plants are delicate, leaves and stems break off in shipping when a full grown plant is sent, so sending a partially sprouted bulb is the safest way to ship these beautiful plants. 

Simply drop the lotus bulb into your aquarium under direct light and let it start to grow, do not bury it. You can partially push the bulb into the sand allowing the sprouted side to stick up if you need to help secure it in place. 

To get the best colors, place in direct light and use a good liquid fertilizer. These plants grow very fast and will easily grow back quickly provided there is still a sprout on the bulb or even if the plant comes off of the bulb it can be planted and the bulb is no longer needed. 


Tiger lotus care info

  • Care: easy
  • Co2: not required 
  • Growth rate: fast 
  • Placement: background 
  • Lighting requirements:  medium
  • Color: Red/green/peach
  • Max size: always expanding 

Great beginner plant! Fast growing easy to care for floating plant. This plant, like all plants, grows best with fertilizer and lighting around 6500k. This plant can be grown without co2, fertilizer is recommended. Grows best with minimal water movement! 


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